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Privacy policy

Below you can find our new DSGVO-compliant data protection notice.

Privacy policy Fridolin GmbH

For the Fridolin GmbH (www.fridolin.de), Rigipsstrasse 15, 71083 Herrenberg the protection of your personal information has top priority. Of course, we keep the relevant data protection laws and would like to inform you with the following data protection information about our handling of your personal data. At any time you have the possibility and the right to get to know about and influence our handling of your data also beyond the following statements.
Please direct any questions, complaints or requests to delete, alter or restrict our use of your data to datenschutz@fridolin.de

What data will be collected on this website?

This website www.fridolin.de is not intended for sale, but for your information only. On this homepage of Fridolin GmbH (www.fridolin.de) a registration is not planned. The only way to get in touch with us here is to send us a mail notice (you can find the link under „Impressum“ or „Contact“), by which we get to know your Mail address. Your e-mail address is sufficient for this contact - mentioning your name is not required.

If you then enter into a commercial relationship with us, you will receive a form from us which informs you in detail about your data protection rights and provides you with an option to allow us to use your personal data, which is necessary for the fulfillment of our contract (delivery of goods) and for the annual delivery of our product catalogues.

Links you can find on this website

Link to the website www.fridolin-shop.de
This website contains a link to our webshop www.fridolin-shop.de For this webpage, different data protection information apply, which you can view directly in our web-shop at any time.

Data collection when visiting this website
On this homepage (www.fridolin.de) is the possibility to order goods is not provided. We do not collect any data on this page. We ourselfes do not use cookies on our homepage (www.fridolin.de), nor do we use tracking or any evaluation on your visit of this homepage. If you do not send us a mail message from this website, your visit will remain completely anonymous for us and will not be recognized, tracked or evaluated by us.

Billing data (only if you enter into a business relationship with us)
For the billing of our products, we use the information you provide to us while ordering. These contain your name, your address, your contact details, bank details / payment method, as well as quantity and kind of products you order from us. For internal evaluation of our The information about the quantity and type of the ordered products will be internally evaluated. These are statistics, which help us to improve our sales performance, check our fluctuations in sales aiming to adjust our merchandise management. This statement applies both to your cooperation (order processing) with the company Fridolin GmbH directly, as well as for your orders. on www.fridolin-shop.de Orders directly from Fridolin GmbH are recorded by our internal database, whereby your name, your contact data, your order information, invoice and delivery address and tax number will be recorded by us. This Information is necessary for goods delivery and accounting. This data is only evaluated internally to the extent that we can read from it the turnover that has been generated from your orders. We never do forward the results of this evaluation to third parties in Germany or abroad, besides our tax authorities and our tax accountant get to know your turnovers with us as well.
In case of payment in advance a data exchange between your and our bank account will take place (Volksbank Rottenburg-Herrenberg) and we will receive the information that your payment has been received. Your account and personal data is not collected, processed or passed on by us beyond that issues. For questions about the data protection regulations of your and our credit institute, please contact the relevant credit institutions.

Delivery data (if you enter into a business relationship with us)
In order to make delivery of your ordered products possible, we need to provide part of your personal information (name, shipping address) to third parties (usually DHL). If you have any questions about the DHL's privacy policy, please contact them directly.

Usage- and content-data

Usage data (if you enter into a business relationship with us)
Where people work togehter, it can come to problems every now and then. Thus, for example a short delivery can become a problem. To be able to work on such a problem or just to handle an inquiry about our products and react quickly and competently, we do internally forward your inquiries and complaints to parts of our staff. All our employees have confirmed this with their signatures, that they have knowledge of the valid legal data protection laws and that they are forbidden to use customer data for any other purpose, than for solving the problemat hand.

Content data (if you enter into a business relationship with us)
For production of customized products, we work together with external service providers (third party providers), to whom we possibly must transfer part of your data in regard to the ordered product. Information about the products you would like to order and in some cases also address data to allow for the direct contact between you and our service providers will be passed through. With these external service providers we have contracts, which regulate the use of your personal and prohibit your data from beeing passed through to third parties. The same applies to our field service, to whom we provide information on our commercial customers for establishing contact and consulting. You may at any time restrict this usage of your data by sending a notice to our data protection contact person, Josef Schmidt: datenschutz@fridolin.de

We pass through data from trade fair contacts with commercial customers, depending on your country of origin, to our wholesalers abroad (also outside the EU). You can at any time contradict this usage of your data. In addition, we ask in each case your allowance to this transfer of data. The refusal of your allowance leads to the fact, that we are not able to deliver our goods to you by means of our international wholesalers.

Usage of your data (if you enter into a business relationship with us)

The usge of your personal information
We use some of your personal data for the order processing and for a customer-oriented service.

Data processing in regard to incoming orders (in case you enter into a business relationship with us)
To make sure the processing of your orders is seamless, we store your personal data within our administration software/database. With this, we store all the data required for the processing of your order (Company, contact person, contact data, billing and delivery address, tax number, ordering information).

Contract and customer information (if you enter into a business relationship with us)
An order confirmation and information on the delivery of your product from us via E-mail. For this purpose we use the data provided by you in your order and the stored e-mail address. You will also receive your invoice from us by mail and/or via postal delivery. The delivery of goods in most cases is carried out by DHL. In order to deliver goods to you, we have to pass through your address as well as the weight and dimensions of the shipment to our service provider in order to ensure the delivery of the goods.

Product information (if you enter into a business relationship with us)
We don't want to disturb you in any way, thus we do not send any advertising or product information via mail or e-mail to the customers of our online shop (www.fridolin-shop.de). Should we change this policy in the future, we will contact you in advance with the intention to obtain your permission to do so. Should you give us your permission in this future case, you may withdraw this permission at any time by sending a short notice to: datenschutz@fridolin.de

To commercial customers of Fridolin GmbH we send out our new product catalogue twice a year. with price list. Possibly we'll include in the orders of commercial customers in rare cases some additional information. We ask for your written declaration of consent beforehand. We usually also inform our trade fair customers who gave us their contact information, by mail or post about our offers and our services.All our customers may at any time contradict the sending of any information and advertising, as well as the storage of all their data by sending an informal message to us, even they had previously consented: datenschutz@fridolin.de

How long does it take to have your personal data altered or deleted?
To that extent that your order information is relevant for tax or legal purposes, it can only be deleted or altered after the expiry of the legally required time of retention from our system and from our documents. All other changes of your data, we will change immediately, but in regard to our momnetary workload.

Passing on of your data to third parties

Partner companies (if you enter into a business relationship with us)
Since we cooperate with partner companies to produce customized products for you or sometimes only act as a mediator between our customer and our partner company, it is necessary to transfer some of your data to those third parties. The amount of data passed on by us in the process is limited to what is absolutely necessary. This is for example true in the case of an individualized packaging for one of our music boxes. Contracts exist with these companies, in which it is stipulated that your contact information and order information and every form of personal data must be cared for and kept in privat, thus everything is in compliance with all regulations of the DSVGO .

Forwarders (if you enter into a business relationship with us)
In order to deliver the products ordered by you, we need to pass through some of your personal data to our forwarder. In almost all cases, this is DHL. Please find and read their data protection regulations carefully at their DHL website.The information provided for forwarding is limited to the information that is indispensable for the processing of your order and the delivery of the goods (name, address, weight, and shipping costs, dimensions of the shipment).


Like almost all websites and apps, our hosting provider 1&1 probably also uses small text files, named cookies, which are stored on the hard disk of your computer,on your computer's hard drive or in the app cache of your mobile device. These cookies do not enable them to identify your person, but are eventually essential for the operation of our website.
The use of cookies and tracking by our hosting provider 1&1 is not under our control. However, we have concluded a contract with 1&1 with the aim of ensuring compliance with all paragraphs of the DSGVO. Data protection information of 1&1 can be found in the Data protection information of 1&1 Internet SE, Elgendorfer Str. 57, 56410 Montabaur, which you can find directly at : https://www.1und1.de/Datenschutz

Your rights

In addition to the right to information, you are also entitled to a right of correction with regard to the personal data stored about you, a right of deletion, a right of blocking and a right of transfer of your data. In addition, you can object to the processing of your data at any time. If you would like to use one of these rights, please write to us. Please contact us at the following address:

Fridolin GmbH
Rigipsstr. 15
71083 Herrenberg

or e-mail to datenschutz@fridolin.de

Supervisory authority

If, contrary to expectations, our data protection team proofs unable to resolve your data protection concern to your satisfaction, you have a right of complaint with the relevant supervisory authority.:

For Privacy issues in regard to our handling of your data and around our website:

Der Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit
Rheinland-Pfalz (LfDI RLP)
Postfach 30 40
55020 Mainz

For privacy issues around in regard to Telecommunication

Die Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit (BfDI)
Husarenstraße 30
53117 Bonn

You may also refer to your local authorities.

This text is a translation of the original text in German language. Since we cannot guaranty for perfect translation, in doubt, please refer to the German version of this text.

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Last updated: May 2018